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Beijing time on June 8 message, originated from " associated press " the report says, if chivalric team wheres does total score 0-2 reverse condition below backward circumstance? "Great shark " O'Neil gave out his proposal- - Carey - Ou Wenhe Kevin - Le Fu have to be hit weller. "Want nike tn requin 2016 not too long ago, the storyline at that time is, ' good, trojan team, won by you total championship, but because Ervine and Le Fudou are not hit,that's. ' now, they entered legal court, you will need to show you to recognise how to play a ball game, " O'Neil say. Before total final 2, europe article field all gets 18 minutes, but shoot a container hits the objective rate it is merely 33% . Le Fu G1 and G2 equal to 24 cast 9 in, on account of cerebral concussion the condition of his G3 is unknown. O'Neil thinks, le Fu by Drummond - Glyn is hit muddled. "Le Fu is hit muddled by Glyn, really such, " O'Neil expresses, "I am sick and tired of say this, but he (Le Fu) must stand, you are unable to make a fellow beautiful prior to deciding to muscle, but you are unable to make a response however. "   regards on NBA one regarding lag behind to still can make over dish of team that can take next total champion altogether final 0-2, although be defeated by 2 first,O'Neil expresses total 2006 nouvelle basket nike homme final, he and team of showing tremendous enthusiasm never had lost confidence. "We never feel get hit to bend over, we realize stronger than supporting team then, " O'Neil say, "The information that people pass during that time is, they only precede temporarily, without pressure just. Once you begin return fire, their pressure came. "   O'Neil thinks, chivalric team still can Air Jordan 1 return series to surpass contention in, but team of not affirmatory knight whether finish finally breakup dish. On good reputation for NBA total final, only 3 team come in altogether 0-2 finishs counterattack below backward circumstance. On the other hand, phil - Jackson expresses, a few things strap Braun - Zhanmusi needs Xiang Mai to get rid of Er - Jordan study. 1993 final on the eastpart part, when ox team 0-2 is backward, jordan went between G1 and G2 Atlantic city gambles, this course of action causes outside criticism, next " flying person " was irritated. The result is, ox team is finished breakup dish hit into total final, career of profession of ultimate success individual first 3 Lian Guan. "Need these works sometimes, " say of your Buddhist monk, "Let Lebulang be struck thereby with Jordan in those times same enthusiasm! " (Jim)
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